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Local speak

  • Abaya – traditional black dress worn by local women
  • Abra – water taxi or traditional wooden boat used to transport people across Dubai Creek.
  • Barasti – hut or shelter with a roof made of palm fronds
  • Dhow – traditional wooden fishing boat, bigger than an abra
  • Kandoura –traditional white dress worn by local men
  • Lebnah – traditional yoghurt drink, usually served with Arabic food
  • Majlis – a room or seating area usually used for entertaining guests
  • Manakeesh – popular Arabic food, consisting of dough with toppings such as cheese, thyme or ground meat, similar to pizza
  • Shawarma – a sandwich-like wrap usually filled with meat, such as chicken or lamb. Very popular across the Middle East
  • Shisha – a water pipe used for smoking flavoured tobacco. Sometimes referred to as hubbly bubbly